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What have we done for the Association?
Often we feel tired. We are over worked. We silently suffer harassment, human right/trade
union rights violation in the hands of higher officers. We face threatening words, charge
sheet and oral/written warnings daily. Many of our DPS/PMG/CPMG behave indecently. They
abuse IPs/ASPs in front of our subordinates. Some of these officers make use of OLIC meeting
to abuse IPs/ASPs only. Some of these officers go to the extent of using filthy language
against our cadre. We know these violations are liable to be condemned. But we do not do it.
Because, there is no awareness among our cadre. The Association holds meetings, training
programme, group meetings and workshop to create awareness about Trade Union Rights,
ILO Conventions and Misuse of Conduct Rules. But we are not ready to make use of it.The
Association provides opportunity to build up our strength and knowledge to challenge such
indecent behaviour of higher officers. But we evade such opportunities taking some excuses.
At the same time if higher officers call for working on Saturdays/Sundays and holidays and
even odd hours, we are ready to comply without any excuse. They extract all sort of work by
giving false promises. They exploit us all the time. They force us to achieve target by hook
and crook. We achieve the target; they get promotion. They increase the number of posts of
DPS, PMG and Members. What do we get in turn? We are faithful to the department. We work
day and night. We do not bother about our family, our own health and even our Association.
Many of us suffer from serious health problems. Many of our friends died of heart attack because
of tension created by these officers. But these officers are not grateful to this cadre.
How many of them have recommended to the department to upgrade the grade pay of IP/ASP
to Rs 4600/ 4800?. None ! We must identify these officers and give them fitting response. We
cannot do it individually. But as an Association we are strong enough to return them in the
same coin. We have to learn more. We have to understand our weakness. We have to participate
actively in the Association meetings and programmes. We have to improve our strength,
skill, knowledge and awareness. We must set aside the differences. We should respect our
leadership. We must strengthen the hands of leadership to fight and achieve our rights. We
have to strengthen our unity. We must be ready to join the struggle whenever there is a call
from the Association. If we involve ourselves in the Association activities, we have the satisfaction
that we have done something to our Association!