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CWC Meeting on 26-09-2010




OF POST OFFICES, Assam Circle,Guwahati

Ref. AIA/IP-ASP/CWC/09/2010 Date: 14th September 2010


Dear Friends,

The fate of the IP & ASP of Indiapost (Department of Posts) is known to you all. The Grade Pay which determined the status of the employee is a question mark for us . Cadre Review, and implementation of MACP pertaining to IP & ASP are our burning issues along with GP . The GS is vigorously perusing the Grade Pay Issue with the Directorate. On the other hand one of our friend is also fighting the case of Grade Pay through CAT. One of our friend ( Punjub Circle) is preparing to fight the case of Cadre Review through CAT . For details please visit :-

We have lots of problem in our circle itself. The last meeting was held on 31.1.2010. It is now proposed to have CWC meeting on 26-September-2010 at PTC Guwahati to discuss the following agenda. All the CWC members are requested to attend the meeting .

Date : 26-09-2010

Venue : PTC Guwahati

Time: 6PM


1. Discussion on progress of GP issue

2. Discussion on Cadre Review

3. Discussion on Biannual Conference

4. Local Problems.

Yours Sincerely


Circle Secretary

Official Web Site: , Mobile No. 919435043392