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My Journey on the Chariot of Time’ - An autobiography by Sri E M Samuel, Retired SSPOs

‘My Journey on the Chariot of Time’ - An autobiography by Sri E M Samuel, Retired SSPOs
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‘My Journey on the Chariot of Time’ is an autobiography by Shri E M Samuel, Retired SSPOs residing in Bhopal (MP). The author has given a vivid account of his experience in the Department of Posts. There is a special chapter on ‘Inspector of Post Offices- A beast of burden’. The price of the book is Rs.200/-.For Postal staff (including retired officials), there is a discount of Rs.50/-. Those who desire to have a book may remit MO for Rs. 175/- (including postage) to the address of Mr. E. M. Samuel, 91, Snehanagar, Misrod, Bhopal 462047. Order can also be placed by SMS on 09826824981 or by e-mail

Some reviews on the book are reproduced below:

“--------‘My Journey on the Chariot of Time’ is as much an exposition of Mr. Samuel’s philosophy as a biography, smoothly moving backwards and forwards from events in his life to his intellectual and religious beliefs. The result is a complex but rewarding outline of one man’s view of the world…..Mr. Samuel was an upright and no-nonsense postal officer…. For him a compromise was not an acceptable option. He had his dose of hardships and frustrations. My Journey is almost a guide to the travails and tribulations of a conscientious government servant. In it he has produced a superb autobiography. I congratulate him for this splendid effort and wish him all the best”.
------ Shri T.B. Reddy, Retired PMG.

“At last we have a long overdue book and the first attempt to its kind from an Officer who rose from the ranks and has dared to question with audacity an unfair system. …I feel this book should be read by all Officers and staff in the department as an eye opener…The book is full of poetic, lyrical expressions which capture the innocence of the times…Samuel highlights the obvious, which is known to all, but never brought to the lips, lest the sensibilities of the perpetrators are disturbed. For postal staff and officers the book rings a familiar bell and for others not aware of postal working, an opportunity to know about its internal functioning and complexities of hierarchy….The book has set a high standard and anyone venturing to chronicle their life and times in the department will have to try their best to live up to this benchmark in order to sustain attention”.
- Ms Madhuri Dabral, Director O/o the DG, DOP, New Delhi.

“In this book Samuel has written beautifully the emotional bonding of villagers with the post offices, high and low of feelings, and the habit and attitude of villagers. The book also explains the importance of relationships, happy and sad times”.
- Hindustan Times 05-12-2010